Conservatives “proud” of progress in development of housing

Conservatives have applauded the progress made in the development of twelve new homes in the Great Yarmouth area, following a joint-venture between Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the Great Yarmouth Development Company, which is owned by Norfolk County Council.

Conservatives target Labour’s record on finances

Conservatives target Labour’s record on finances, where the Interim Head of Finance at the County Council has had to point out Labour’s failures to manage the budget effectively.

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul”

Conservative Leader Bill Borrett has criticised the Labour/Lib-Dem/UKIP administration for a ‘very disappointing’ budget, accusing them of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

Conservatives unveil budget amendments focusing on highways and libraries

The Conservative opposition is calling on the alliance to think again about some of the savage cuts to adult social care and children’s services, in particular the removal of the 16-19 Transport Subsidy and cuts to critical preventative services such as Personal Budgets, something which the Conservatives defended during their budget setting.