Road maintenance and recycling centre cuts must be reversed - Norfolk Conservatives vow

Proposals to cut back on road maintenance in Norfolk must be reversed, Norfolk Conservatives have today pledged.

The Conservative councillors at county hall have also pledged today to re-open Docking recycling centre, and restore full opening hours at all recycling centres, which were slated for cuts by the Labour, UKIP, Lib Dem and Green councillors who run the county council.

The Conservative Group on the council, however, hold a majority on the environment, development and transport committee, which has today met to discuss budget proposals which will be considered next month.

The Conservative members used this majority to ensure that the council’s proposed cuts are recommended for reversal at next month’s all-important Policy and Resources Committee meeting, which also commands a Conservative majority.

Speaking about the announcement, Conservative Group leader, Cliff Jordan, said:

“We are determined to restore the front-line.  This council seems prepared to let our highways fall into disrepair, while cutting back on much-valued recycling centres. 

“As Conservatives, we value these front-line services, and cherish our environment.  We refuse to stand idle while the current administration cut away at what we, and people around Norfolk, hold dear.”