Opinion: Devastating cuts to adult social care must be stopped

Shelagh Gurney, Shadow Cabinet Member for Adult Social Services has hit out at the Labour/Liberal Democrat/UKIP administration over their intended cuts to welfare services in adult social care.Mrs Gurney said:

“This administration, the ‘Rainbow Alliance’, has taken a fundamentally flawed view of the services it provides and the people it should be looking after.

“At a time when the authority has to make such significant savings, spending is a matter of political priority and the savage cuts to welfare services in adult social care is just one example of how wrong the priorities of this administration are.

“When the Council needs a tight, financial focus it is spending money hand over fist in large, cash giveaways, maintaining buildings and giving away assets that could be used to protect front-line services.

“This year, the administration proposes to cut £6m from welfare services: this is money that is currently being spent on therapy; on quality-of-life services that mean  vulnerable adults are not spending all week cooped up in the same room or building; money that is vital to support people’s independence”.