Council leaders condemned for “secret squirrel” tactics over school ratings

Conservatives at the county council have hit out at the refusal of the chairman of the children’s services committee to disclose the risk ratings of Norfolk’s schools. 

This means that Norfolk parents up and down the county will not be allowed to know which schools are considered to need improvement and which are causing concern. 

Responding to this news, Cliff Jordan, leader of the Conservative Group on the county council, said: 

“Very few things in life are as important as our children’s education. 

“Parents up and down our county have a right to know whether their local school is in good shape or not.  

“It is unacceptable that Cllr Joyce, the chairman of the children’s committee has taken it upon himself to withhold this vital information. 

“Sadly, this is typical of the secret-squirrel tactics employed by the current council leadership.  It is also a sad reflection of the lack of transparency in the committee system.  If we had a cabinet system, this is precisely the sort of issue that could have been called-in to the scrutiny committee, something which doesn’t exist under the current system.”