Cabinet Appauling

Bill Borrett highlights the failures from the meeting of the Cabinet this morning.

"Dear Sir,

I attended the Cabinet Meeting of Norfolk County Council this Monday 3rd March and watched with surprise as it descended into farce. The Leader of the Council George Nobbs who was chairing the meeting didn't seem to know what was required of him at any stage.

Those of us who attended were subject to nearly an hour of political grandstanding from the Cabinet Members despite there being no place for this on the Agenda. This was followed by literally 2 minutes on the 73 pages of the financial reports covering the performance of the Council, during this difficult financial climate, with no questions asked by the Cabinet Members. We then had a £20.000.00 grant pulled out of nowhere (which had been removed in the Budget two weeks ago) despite the Chairman saying that there was no money available to the Committee minutes before.

This was not very edifying to watch and the people of Norfolk deserve better.

Best wishes,

Bill Borrett


Bill Borrett
Member for the Elmham and Mattishall Division
Norfolk County Council"