The budget is the result of mismanagement

The Conservative Leader Bill Borrett has today said the proposed budget is the result of mismanagement by the Labour lead Alliance at County Hall.

Writing for Norfolk Conservatives, the Leader of the Conservative Group Bill Borrett has said the budget is the product of mismanagement by the current administration.

“Members of the Labour-led Alliance have said they didn’t come into local government to make cuts to services.  None of us did.  But let us not pretend the financial situation was not clear before the elections in May last year.  We have all known for some time the Council would need to make massive savings to balance the budget.

“The Alliance has provided a useful insight into administration under four different parties with radically different views on how to get things done, with one inevitable result: terrible mismanagement.

“From the management of assets which have either been given away at notional rents, or shouting ‘halt’ at the last minute to sales of unused buildings that would bring in millions of pounds, the management of the Council’s portfolio has been exceedingly poor.

“The result of this is clear for everyone to see, with massive cuts in frontline services such as welfare services in adult social care; loss of 16-19 school transport; proposals to decimate the schools music service and cut the number of books our libraries buy.

“Under the Enterprising Norfolk initiative, Norfolk Conservatives would have used the money from those same assets to invest and protect those front-line services”.