County Council

Monday, 20th January 2014

Norfolk County Council is the main debating forum for issues affecting Norfolk.

The Full Council meets every other month in public in the Council Chamber at County Hall in Norwich, and receives reports from:

·                     Cabinet

·                     Cabinet Scrutiny Committee

·                     Personnel Committee

·                     Pensions Committee

·                     Norfolk Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee

·                     Audit Committee

·                     Planning (Regulatory) Committee

·                     Standards Committee

·                     Norfolk Joint Museums & Archaeology Committee

·                     Records Committee

·                     Highways Agency Joint Committee


Individual Members of the Council can also put motions to Full Council on any issue.

The Full Council is responsible for setting the budget and policy framework the council operates within.

It also decides the constitution of the Cabinet including the number, content and allocation of the Cabinet Member responsibilities.  It acts as the principal debating forum and resolves disputed decisions between Cabinet and the Cabinet Scrutiny Committee.

Full Council appoints the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the County Council each year.  The Chairman is a non-political post which is held by a senior Councillor who represents the authority at ceremonial events.



The Agenda for Full Council can be accessed here.