Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Monday, 13th January 2014

The Overview and Scrutiny Panels cannot take decisions on behalf of the Council, but can review how policies and decisions are actually working once they have been agreed and are in place.

The Panels can also discuss and debate policies and plans which are under consideration.  The Cabinet member will then take account of the Panels views when matters are taken to Cabinet for decision.

The Overview and Scrutiny Panels have a major role in supporting and advising their Cabinet Members. The current Overview and Scrutiny Panels are:-

Corporate Resources - 17 Members of the Council who are not members of the Cabinet.

Members of the public can put questions to the Overview and Scrutiny Panels on any issue at the meeting even if the issue is not on the agenda.


For further information about Overview and Scrutiny Panels including membership, agendas and minutes, see the Committees section of the Norfolk County Council website.