Cabinet Scrutiny

Tuesday, 21st January 2014

The Overview and Scrutiny Panels cannot take decisions on behalf of the Council, but can review how policies and decisions are actually working once they have been agreed and are in place.

The Panels can also discuss and debate policies and plans which are under consideration.  The Cabinet member will then take account of the Panels views when matters are taken to Cabinet for decision.

Members of the public can put questions to the Overview and Scrutiny Panels on any issue at the meeting even if the issue is not on the agenda.

For further information about Overview and Scrutiny Panels including membership, agendas and minutes, see the Committees section of the Norfolk County Council website.

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County Council's Cabinet Scrutiny Committee to review progress of apprenticeship scheme

The success of Norfolk County Council's internal apprenticeship scheme is being looked at by the Council's Cabinet Scrutiny Committee next week (Tuesday 21 January).

The report outlines the progress and outcomes to date of the scheme which was established in July 2012 to improve the employability and skills of young people in Norfolk by providing paid workplace experience and access to apprenticeship qualifications.

In November 2012, the County Council started to recruit 30 apprentices aged between 16 and 24 who might otherwise find it difficult to gain employment.

In the last year, 30 apprentices have been appointed (21 formerly unemployed, 3 temporary workers and 6 school/college leavers) of which 29 have been retained and 8 completers have already made a successful transition into the workplace.

To date, 10 apprentices have completed their contracts. Seven of the 10, who have undertaken apprenticeships in Business Administration and ICT, have already secured temporary employment. Luke Keegan, 19, from Little Plumstead is one of them who has now stgarted his new role in Learning and Development at Norfolk County Council. Luke explains why the apprenticeships route has been good for him: "My initial plans after achieving 3 A-levels was to attend university, but the realisation of the raised degree fees was off-putting and would have always been at the back of my mind.

"Whilst examining the alternatives I discovered the recent promotion of apprenticeships in Norfolk, and the chance to gain a mix of hands on experience with a reputable employer, along with an industry recognised qualification, appealed to me. With the support and encouragement of colleagues from the Employment and Skills Team within Children's Services, I have achieved a level 3 NVQ in Business and Administration. My whole apprenticeship experience has been very positive and has given me much more self confidence and equipped me for the world of work."


Cabinet Scrutiny Committee meets in public and the agenda papers are available online at

The next meeting is at 10am on Tuesday 21 January in the Edwards Room, County Hall, Norwich.